Want to listen to select TAF 2012 music on the bus or while walking around your house doing chores? Well look no further than the TAF blog! MPSs of your favourite musical acts can be found below! (Right click on the links to save them to your computer!)

Alison Yeh – I’m In Here
Jasmine Tedjo – A Piano Girl
Juniors Staff – Call Me Maybe
Justin Wang – TAF Crush
Melody Chen – One and Only
The Killer Bees – 4 Chord Song


TAF 2011::THE ONES finished strong with an exciting evening of song, dance, and even some spoken word. It was a hot night on stage in Cordier as the Juniors, JH, and Youth Programs brought it in full force. We in tafLabs, with our own media “performances”, are gonna keep it up and bring you some more goodies to keep you company as you deal with the taf blues. We’ll start off with something any of you campers might be able to download onto your iPods for the ride or flight home, .mp3s of Alison Yeh’s cover of “Secrets” by One Republic and Melody Chen’s cover of Adele’s “Rolling in the Deep”.

ENJOY! More to come soon 🙂

Alison Yeh – Secrets
Melody Chen – Rolling in the Deep


Editors Note: ***APRIL FOOLS!*** — The real TAF 2011 theme name coming soon 🙂

Ladies and gentlemen, we’re excited to introduce to you your TAF 2011 theme! Leader Fever won out over other strong contestants after weeks of deliberation from TAF Board Members and Program Directors. TAF Marketing Director Andrea Hong said, “We want to capitalize on what is hip and in, and what’s better than playing off the phenomenon that follows The Biebs right now?” Moreover, ED Karen Lin agreed that not only is the theme name timely in the pop culture world, but, “it also carries a deeper meaning because it builds a passion for servant leadership.” Youth Program Director Alex Yang responded glowingly with ” >: ) “.

Other potential theme names included Our World 2.0.11, Somebody to Lead, The Ones, and Eeniee Meenie Leadie. It wasn’t until Juniors PD Sherry Lin noticed the trend that JH PD Michelle Hsu proposed Servant Biebership or Jarrell & Justin, the latter which morphed into Leader Fever. However, the name did not come without any debate. Labs PDs Kevin Yau & Jon Lee refused to comment, mumbling about “young kids these days”, and when Juniors PD Emmeline Kuo declared that she’d never vote for Leader Fever, JH PD Young Lee quickly retorted, “NEVER SAY NEVER”, a quote from the Mr. Bieber’s critically acclaimed documentary, Never Say Never.

Tell us what YOU think! Only four more months till TAF2011!


TAF2011:Leader Fever begins July 31st through August 7th. Stay tuned to www.tafworld.org for more updates. Staff Applications available on the website!

Photo credit: 1. Anna Wu Photography 2. Justin Bieber



Youth Choir – Across the Universe by The Beatles

JH Choir – Everybody by Ingrid Michaelson

Juniors Choir – Don’t Stop Believing by Journey


How are your ears? Are they bored from a strange lack of small group chatter and chants? Or are they depressed due to TAF Blues? Maybe just tired from a sleepless week? Or worried with back to school season in full swing? Well don’t fret, because the TAF Blog has a cure for you!

Not one, not two, but THREE TAF Music pieces are available for you to listen to all day long to bring back all the TAF memories! Sing along to Viva Love Forever, memorize all the TAF Rules, and learn all the moves to the JH Swing Choir! All for the low low price of 4 easy installments of….FREE!!!

(to download, Right-click and “save file as” or “save link as” or “download link as” or…yea)

1. TAF Rules
2. Viva Love Forever 2010
3. JH: Better Than YOUth
4. Youth: Pretty Girl Swag
5. Youth: Got More Swag
6. Juniors: The Rise and Fall of D & K

(PS: In case you forgot, click here to download the live version of Viva Love Forever from TAF Night 2009!)


The 30th birthday of the Taiwanese American Foundation’s annual summer conference starts TODAY! We here at the official TAF blog are excited to welcome those traveling in from across the country to Manchester College to LOVE OUT LOUD! And we hope for those of you following from home, either parents or past campers & staff unable to attend this year (insert sadface), this blog will keep everyone updated on the exciting events of TAF2010 and satiate some of the not-at-TAF Blues that can hit hard (insert more sadface). Maybe, just maybe, we can give the outside world a little taste of TAF (insert happy face!). There will be a plethora of updates and media content on display, such as the daily newsletter, video recaps, and other silly things, so stay tuned and share with others!

And to start you off right, we present to you a new music video called “TAF RULES”, starring Young Mingy feat. A.L.O. Enjoy and WELCOME TO TAF 2010!!!

Exit Clov – Ai-Biahnh Jah-eh Eah

Emily and Susan Hsu of the band Exit Clov are former TAFers that recently recorded this video to support TaiwaneseAmerican.org‘s Artist & Performers Typhoon Fundraising and Relief Efforts to help victims of typhoon Morakot. And the video is going viral! After an initial goal of 500 hits, Emily and Susan have surpassed 27,000 hits for their rendition of a classic Taiwanese fight song — in just three days!

While Emily and Susan have reached the max amount for their own donation, please remember that you can still make donations at TaiwaneseAmerican.org just by purchasing a shirt! At the least, we hope you’re inspired by these two TAFers and the impact they’ve made just by sharing their gifts with the world :).

TAF 2009 Slideshow: Sprout!

To start your week off the best way ever, tafMedia, in association with tafLabs, is proud to present the TAF 2009 Slideshow! We’d like to say a lot of careful planning and editing went into the production this year, but while that is mostly true, we also brought literal meaning to “finishing at the last minute”.

We were going to piece together a timeline of events that happened simultaneously from both TAF Night in Cordier Auditorium and from the tafLabs/tafMedia offices in Helman 106. But in the end, a step-by-step recount of that fateful night isn’t as fun. It’s a little too technical, we’re personally tired of timelines (that’s how our editing software works), and since we’re tafMedia and strive to be artsy sometimes, we don’t mind yielding to the right side of our brain and letting these instances “that saved that TAF from having no slideshow” live on forever in TAF lore. A lesson: Start putting the slideshow together before Friday night at 10pm!!!

You can tell your grandchildren (or your current little sibs’ future little sib) that it took sleeping in shifts, cooling overheating laptops with bags of ice and frozen french fries, frenzied text messages, purposeful TAF Night MC stalls, the fastest quarter-mile Kev Yau has sprinted in years, and one last impromptu Bob Lin speech, to get the slideshow DVD burned and delivered to Manchester staff when it needed to be…with 30 seconds to spare! No, really. Only 30 seconds between the time we gave the DVD to Manchester and the time the DVD started playing at 9:29:52p.m. EST. WHEW. Considering the final product, we hope you’ll agree that it was all worth it for each and every frame, and finally of course, that awesome was realized.

Youth Slideshow coordinators: Eric Kao, Nicole Hsieh, Andrew Kuo
tafLabs & tafMedia team: Anna Wu, Steve Wang, Kev Yau, Jon Lee
Special thanks to Dan Lu & Andrew Lo and others for providing us with photos, John Chen, Chikuan Wu, and Pamela Lin for keeping us fed with steak and pie, and Jason Hsu for animating the end shot (originally done with glowsticks by the Slideshow coordinators!).

The five songs used are (in order):
1. Muse – Starlight
2. The Fray – All at Once
3. The Killers – Human
4. Aerosmith – Don’t Wanna Miss A Thing
5. Jars of Clay – Fade to Grey


TAF 2009 Slideshow: Sprout! from tafmediachannel on Vimeo.