Upon arrival campers are divided into small groups within their program. Small groups form the basis for helping campers to develop relationships, thus fostering personal reflection and a sharing of perspectives.

Led by two counselors, also known as Advisors, the small group is each camper’s family away from home. Together, each small group participates in daily discussions, attends workshops, and has fun playing games together. The small group structure provides a safe environment for campers to converse, dissect and explore speaker session topics, and develop lifelong friendships.

Each year, TAF invites keynote speakers for each of our programs: Sprouts, Juniors, Junior High, Youth, and Labs. Camp speakers come from all across the US and support the conference theme by sharing their expertise in a way that resonates with the appropriate age group.

Because they play such an integral role during the week’s programming, all speakers must have a passion for developing youth. Workshops and activities outside of these sessions complement each speaker’s message to the campers throughout the week.

The TAF Summer Conference is divided into six distinct programs.

Junior High
Parents Weekend Program