Campus and Facilities

The TAF Summer Conference is held at Manchester University in North Manchester, Indiana.


The beautiful 120-acre liberal arts campus is located 35 miles west of Fort Wayne and is central to many major cities in the Midwest.

Here is a Campus Map.





Academic Center – Weekend Parents Program and Labs Program sessions are located in this building.








Cordier Auditorium
– Auditorium for TAF Night.








Garver Hall
– Housing for Youth program, Labs program, and adults.







East Hall – Housing for Junior High program.








Helman Hall
– Housing for Juniors program and families with special needs.








Oakwood Hall РHousing for Sprouts Program and families with special needs. Also the location for Sprouts workshops and activities.







Toyota Rotunda – Located within the Jean Childs Young Intercultural Center. Location for more camper workshops and activities.









Physical Education and Recreation Center (PERC)
– Sports-related activities and fitness center.








Science Center
– Location for most Junior High workshops and activities.








rsz__byl2883-2Jo Young Switzer Center – Dining Hall and location for most Youth workshops and activities.







Lockie and Augustus Chinworth Center – Location for Juniors workshops and activities.