Program Overview

The Labs Program is for those who are truly passionate about furthering the connection with their Taiwanese American identity! We are a community that consists of Taiwanese Americans from all ages and phases of life. This includes high school graduates, young professionals, and lifelong TAFers. 

We welcome anyone interested in connecting with the Taiwanese American community while supporting each other in our personal development.

Program Preview

Throughout the week, you’ll have a unique opportunity to not only support other Labs members, but also the younger generations of TAF through various service and leadership projects as well as focus on your individual growth.

Serve the TAF Community
Every Labs member will exercise their creativity and develop a passion project that contributes to the Taiwanese American community. Our Program Directors will provide dedicated project time and one-on-one support to help members set goals and benchmarks to accomplish their vision.

Some previous projects include:

Focus on Personal Development
A week at Labs includes attending daily speaker sessions, small groups, and workshops designed to facilitate your personal growth. Learn from the wisdom in the group and be part of this supportive and fun community. 

Past sessions include:

  • Taiwanese x American Values
  • Round Table Discussions on Race and Gender
  • Sleep and Skincare Time
  • Model Minority Myth Panel Discussion
  • The Swoley Bible (Learning proper workout form)
  • Asian American Solidarity with BLM Panel Discussion
  • And so much more! 

Have Fun with TAF!
Labs members participate in all of the same fun TAF festivities with other programs. Whether it’s getting to know other staff during interprogramming, interacting with sibs during family time, or splashing around at water fight, Labs will be there for it all! 

By the end of the week, Labs members can use their lessons learned to foster new ideas and personal growth after TAF. If you can accomplish this much in a week, what else can you do? How else can you impact the Taiwanese-American community? Where else will you make an impact?