TAF Summer Conference

For 40 years, the Taiwanese American Foundation has been proud to host the largest and longest-running summer camp for children and teens of Taiwanese descent in the US and Canada. Every summer, over 250 campers get together at TAF’s flagship event for a fun-filled week of learning about themselves and their Taiwanese heritage.

The theme of the conference rotates every year between four key topics designed to help your child become confident individuals and grow into their fullest potential.



Whether your child is first generation, second generation, third generation, or even multiracial, TAF helps attendees explore their self-identity, a building block of developing self-confidence.





To help build character, TAF gives tools to help attendees think critically about the Taiwanese values that the older generations have passed on in today’s context.





Understanding the various styles of communication is key to building strong relationships. TAF aims to give tools to help campers connect more effectively with their parents, peers, and the world around them.





TAF teaches campers how to be servant leaders, a philosophy that encourages leaders to understand their strengths and talents and to use it to serve others with compassion, respect, and an open heart.