About the Conference

Why should I send my kids to TAF Summer Conference?
In addition to learning about Taiwan and tools for personal development, the TAF Summer Conference is an opportunity for kids to connect with other kids of Taiwanese heritage, primarily those from the Midwest. Year after year, we hear that making new friends is the best part of the summer conference. What also makes TAF stand apart from other conferences is that we’re the longest running Taiwanese summer camp. We offer over 40 years experience and are constantly refining our program to reflect the needs of the Taiwanese American community.

This is my child’s first sleep away camp and I’m worried about them.
For many campers, this is often their first sleep away camp and we understand that kids may be nervous about being on their own for the first time. TAF is happy to work with parents to create a positive experience for their kids. If parents would like to communicate any specific needs before the start of or during TAF, they can communicate that either during the registration process or email us at hello@tafworld.org. Communications will be directed to the Program Directors so that counselors can be prepared.

Are the campers really going to be camping? Are they going to be in tents and building their own fires?
No. Campers will be staying in air conditioned college dormitories and have hot meals in the college cafeteria.

Which generation of parents send their kids to TAF and participate in the Weekend Program?
There is a mixture of first and second generation parents.

My child has special needs such as food allergies or daily medication requirements. Can my child attend TAF?
Yes. Please note their needs on the medical waiver form during registration and be sure that your child brings all the necessary medication with them to the summer conference. The information will stay confidential and be shared only with people who are in direct contact with your child such as their counselor or advisor.

I went to TAF as a youth and remember the camp being pretty political. Is that still the case?
TAF’s approach is to introduce Taiwan in a fun and interactive manner and to focus on the cultural aspects of Taiwan.

What if I’ve registered and need to cancel?
If you need to cancel your registration, please email hello@tafworld.org to request a refund. To receive a full refund, cancellation requests must be received by 23:59PM PT on June 1, 2024. If cancellation requests are made after the June 1, 2024 deadline, a partial refund will be issued, up to July 1, 2024. Please allow 6-8 weeks after the end of the TAF summer conference to receive your refund. Refunds will not be issued for cancellations received after July 1, 2024. Refunds will not be given for early dismissal due to homesickness or misconduct.

Can parents come for the whole week?
The conference is a time for children and teens to learn about themselves and TAF encourages parents to give their child the space to learn how to become independent individuals. That said, there is a Parents Weekend Program held over the second weekend, but there are otherwise no activities planned for parents who come for the week.

How do I know what’s going on with my child while they’re at TAF?
Photos and videos will be shared on TAF’s social media platforms including Facebook and Instagram. Additionally, we share highlights and updates throughout the week via our newsletter, so be sure to subscribe to stay update!

Are cell phones allowed?

Campers may bring cell phones to the Summer Conference but are not permitted to have it with them while TAF is active. Children may use their cell phones during their free time. If parents need to reach their kids in the event of an emergency during active sessions, please feel free to contact the appropriate Program Director.

My child will be flying home from TAF. Will there be someone there to make sure they’re not last one on campus?
Yes. We collect everyone’s flight information so that we can make sure that your child isn’t left alone on campus.

What is your disciplinary policy?
The staff at the TAF Summer Conference will strive not only to provide fun and learning experiences, but also to stress respect for the environment and others. If a camper is found to be repeatedly interfering with the enjoyment of other campers or staff members, the Conference Director will intervene reminding the camper of his/her responsibility to behave in an appropriate manner. The Conference Director may choose to enforce an appropriate disciplinary action (i.e. time out, a discussion, loss of free time, etc.) which is consistent with the philosophy of the camp and supports the camper’s dignity. Please review the rules with your child and make sure they are understood. We believe that you as a parent/guardian will appreciate knowing of any problem that your child may experience. TAF reserves the right to suspend or expel any camper from the program who poses serious continual discipline problems. If such behavior warrants it, an immediate suspension or expulsion may result. If we need to remove the camper from the program immediately, the parent will be notified. No refunds will be given.

As a parent, do I still need to register if I’m only going for TAF Night? I’m not staying on campus and don’t know if I’ll be eating at the cafeteria or not?
Yes, registration is required for everyone, regardless of how long you will be visiting. To keep the camp safe, TAF requires all parents who arrive on campus to register, regardless if they are staying or eating with us. Those who are not registered will immediately be escorted away from the camp for the safety of our children.


I just finished 12th grade. Can I still go to TAF?
Yes! The youth program is designed for teens who have completed grades 9-12.

I want to get involved. What Coordinator positions can I apply for?
There are a variety of areas: Hospitality, Choir, Swing Choir (choreographed dance), Social Media, Yearbook, and TAF Night. Contact the Coordinators’ Coordinators at cocos@tafworld.org for more information.

Parents Weekend Program

Is the Parents Weekend Program just for parents?
No. TAF welcomes all adults to the Parents Weekend Program and is a great opportunity for TAFers to reunite for the weekend.

Will there be programming for children for the weekend?
Unfortunately, programming is not available for children who arrive for the weekend. The Parents Weeekend Program is designed for adults and children may not join the main conference for the weekend.

Can I arrive on Saturday for the Parents Weekend Program?
TAF strongly encourages attendees to arrive for 6pm dinner on Friday evening. Please understand that TAF has a limited number of volunteers. Arrivals outside those times may mean there may not be staff available to check you in.

If I didn’t register online, can I just show up and still attend the Parents Weekend Program?
No. All attendees must register online ahead of time so that there is an accurate headcount for rooms and meals.

I’d like to come for the Parents Weekend Program. Do I need to stay on campus?
No. TAF offers a meals-only plan for those who would like to stay at hotels. The closest hotels are about 15 miles away.

I have a family with special needs. What kind of accommodations can TAF provide?
TAF has a limited number of rooms available to assist families with special needs. Priority is first given to families who have members that have disabilities, the elderly, and then to families with small children. Rooms are available on first-come, first-served and are based on when the family registered. Please indicate special needs under medical information on the registration form.

For families that TAF is not able to accommodate, hotels are another option that families may want to consider. TAF offers a meals-only plan for those staying at hotels.

Still have a question? Email us at hello@tafworld.org.