Originally founded as the Midwest Formosan Christian Fellowship (MFCF) in 1966 by Bill Cho and Jim Chen, the organization focused on bringing families together and building a strong, connected community for first generation Taiwanese Americans and their children.

In 1980, MFCF renamed itself as the Taiwanese American Foundation (TAF) and has since evolved in hosting a Sprouts, Juniors, Junior High, Youth and Labs programs, in addition to a Parents Weekend program during the summer conference. The implementation of small groups, advising staff, and four rotating themes changed the nature of the conference to become more youth-focused, emphasizing appreciation of Taiwanese heritage while encouraging personal growth.

Since its establishment, TAF has expanded beyond simply being an annual conference, with a Board of Directors and a growing alumni network. As TAF expands, the organization continues to make a deep impact while simultaneously building a stronger presence within the broader Asian American community.