Program Overview

The Sprouts Program is designed for children who have completed grades 1-3. Focusing on one of the revolving four key themes (Identity, Ethics & Values, Communication, or Leadership), our speaker sessions and workshops are designed by our dedicated Sprouts Staff to educate our campers on these fundamental ideas with a focus on the following:

  • Providing a safe and nurturing environment for our Sprouts campers.
  • Guiding them in their self discovery journey by cultivating and empowering their sense of self.
  • Identifying ways in which they can provide support to their peers, parents, friends, and community. 
  • Broadening camper perspectives through meeting and learning from people with different backgrounds and interests.
  • Exploring and learning about their Taiwanese identity through guided cultural workshops.

Program Preview

Sprouts are divided into small groups consisting of 5 to 7 campers and led by at least 2 counselors. 

Sprouts have fun-filled days at TAF that include the activities below!

  • Speaker Session – Morning sessions with our Sprouts speaker that centers around one of our four revolving themes.
  • Swing Choir (Dance) & Choir – Dancing and singing sessions that are practiced daily and performed at TAF Night.
  • Workshops – Daily activities run by our Sprouts counselors such as crafts, physical activities, cultural workshops, and more!
  • Family (Big/Lil sib) Time – A chance for your camper to pair with the older campers and take part in camp-wide inter-programming with their family group.
  • Small Group Time – Sessions led by their 2-3 designated counselors to reflect on the lesson taught that day, write sib letters, and bond with small group members.
  • “Wash Yo’ Self” – Lights-out festivities including showering, brushing teeth, and calling the parents 

The Sprouts Program is an opportunity for our youngest campers to venture outside their comfort zones for the first time. These novel experiences foster personal growth and allow us to celebrate a sense of accomplishment at the end of the week. Through play, we offer our campers the opportunity to practice teamwork, conflict resolution, and feel a sense of community.