Rules, Safety Precautions and Discipline Policy

As a participant of this conference, all staff and campers are expected to adhere to the guidelines of TAF and Manchester College and to accept personal responsibility for the consequences of their conduct. Campers are responsible for their behavior by maintaining honesty, truthfulness, fairness, self-control, and concern for others. An assessment of the condition of their room will be made before campers arrive and before campers check out. Campers must pay for any damage caused by their conduct. Inappropriate behavior or violation of TAF’s rules will be reported to the Executive Director and TAF President. TAF maintains the right to suspend or expel any participant on the basis of his or her behavior.

TAF Summer Conference Rules

  • Respect and follow the instructions of conference and Program Directors, TAF and Manchester staff and respect other campers
  • No one may leave the campus without the permission of the Conference Director
  • Smoking, possession and consumption of alcoholic beverages, and the use of illicit or illegal drugs are prohibited and will result in immediate expulsion from the conference at your own expense. Local law enforcement authorities will also be notified
  • Please be careful when walking on campus, especially at night. Walk in groups whenever possible.
  • Sexual activity and/or sexual harassment will result in discipline and/or suspension from the conference.
  • Participants must be on time and attend all program activities according to the schedule or will be penalized accordingly.
  • Room assignments are not subject to change without the prior approval of the Program Directors. Furniture may not be removed from rooms.
  • Everyone, including the staff, is required to follow the lights out schedule and must be in their own rooms unless prior approval is obtained in writing for an official and legitimate conference activity by the Conference or Program Directors.
  • Tampering with or activating fire equipment or smoke detectors may result in fines, incarceration, and immediate expulsion from the conference.
  • Damage to Manchester College property and/or personal property of another will be reported and the responsible party will be liable for all damages.
  • Lost keys cost $25 apiece.
  • All rooms will be inspected and approved by the resident advisor before you can check out and receive a yearbook.
  • Lock your room doors whenever you leave and during the night. Make sure your suitemates lock their doors as well.
  • Please wear your name tag at all times for identification and meals in the cafeteria.
  • Please ensure the safety and security of your own valuables. TAF is not responsible for loss or damage of your personal belongings.
  • In case of emergency, dial 5999 for the operator or contact a staff member immediately.
  • In case of a tornado warning, a siren will sound. Move to an interior hallway until a Manchester or TAF Staff Member signals that all is clear.
  • No cooking appliances are allowed in the rooms.
  • Move trash into the large trash cans in the hallways.
  • Additional guidelines presented during orientation or at any other time as conditions change are for your safety and must be followed.

General Safety Precautions

  • ALL dorm rooms should be locked when unoccupied. Make sure your suitemates do the same!
  • Dorm entrance doors may not be propped open. This will decrease the chance of non-TAFers gaining access to the residence halls.
  • DO NOT walk alone by yourself at night. Please use the buddy system, or find a staff member to escort you.

NOBODY is to leave campus without the consent of their Program Director or the Conference Director. This ensures that you are accounted for at all times.

TAF Discipline Policy

The staff at the TAF Summer Conference will strive not only to provide fun and learning experiences, but also to stress respect for the environment and others. If a camper is found to be repeatedly interfering with the enjoyment of other campers or staff members, the Conference Director will intervene reminding the camper of his/her responsibility to behave in an appropriate manner. The Conference Director may choose to enforce an appropriate disciplinary action (i.e. time out, a discussion, loss of free time, etc.) which is consistent with the philosophy of the camp and which supports the camper’s dignity.

Please review the rules with your child and make sure they are understood. We believe that you as a parent/guardian will appreciate knowing of any problem that your child may experience. TAF reserves the right to suspend or expel any camper from the program who poses serious continual discipline problems. If such behavior warrants it, an immediate suspension or expulsion may result. If we need to remove camper from program immediately, the parent will be notified. No refunds will be given.