‘Tis the Season

‘Tis the season for friends, family, and just as importantly…food. We here on the tafBlog love this time of the year because of all those reasons. And as the days grow shorter and the weather turns colder (it gets chilly here in Los Angeles too!), we think it gives us a great reason to huddle up next to each other and enjoy some hearty food. So for this past Thanksgiving, tafLA decided to get together with some friends at our main outpost, affectionately dubbed the “Yauhaus”, and share in the festivities. And in true tafLabs fashion, we recorded a video about it!

Building a Home | Los Angeles, CA from Seaglass Cinema on Vimeo.

And for those of you who are sad to have missed out on all the buttery desserts, come join your fellow TAFers Saturday. December 29th in Chicago for TAF New Years! Check out the evite link here: http://www.eventbrite.com/s/byinenivtefor001

Family, friends, and food. What more could you ask for? Happy holidays everyone and we hope to see you December 29th! Happy holidays and Happy New Year!

TAF2012 Conference Photo

Well, sort of conference-wide. Shout out to the Juniors Staff for prepping their awesome Juniors Olympics in lieu of being able to make the photo. Comes sized to fit most computers as a desktop wallpaper!

TAF love y’all 😀


Want to listen to select TAF 2012 music on the bus or while walking around your house doing chores? Well look no further than the TAF blog! MPSs of your favourite musical acts can be found below! (Right click on the links to save them to your computer!)

Alison Yeh – I’m In Here
Jasmine Tedjo – A Piano Girl
Juniors Staff – Call Me Maybe
Justin Wang – TAF Crush
Melody Chen – One and Only
The Killer Bees – 4 Chord Song

TAF Night 2012!

New videos are being uploaded to our YouTube channel every day! Please visit here or the /tafmediachannel on YouTube!

Plenty more media updates coming as well. Sorry for taking so long, the internet can be a slow place.

TAF 2012 Slideshow

Another amazing week of TAF has come and gone. We look forward your own personal blog posts, recaps, videos, and pictures, and the TAF Night acts are being uploaded as we speak. And in case you haven’t seen it on facebook or twitter yet, here is this year’s incarnation of the slideshow. Hope you enjoy!

If you like the music we chose, support the artists and buy their songs!
1. Swedish House Mafia – Save the World Tonight (Radio Mix)
2. fun. – We Are Young
3. Monsters Calling Home – Growing Up
4. The Editors – Weight of the World

TAF 2012 Daily Recap: Thursday

Like the beef stew we got served tonight by the delightful Manchester staff, we’re getting into the meaty parts of our week. Enjoy our fourth Daily Recap!

TAF 2012 Daily Recap: Tuesday

It’s day two of TAF 2012. Time for our campers to get into the meat of our weeklong program, with speakers and workshops on identity and other topics running throughout day. But of course there is always time for fun and games (and pie) :D.

And uploaded before midnight! A new tafLabs record.

TAF 2012 Daily Recap: Monday

Who needs London when the TAF Olympics have arrived in Manchester, Indiana with one-of-a-kind events like “Crispy Face” and “Crabcakes”?

In addition to today’s intense but friendly competition, TAFers enjoyed meeting their speakers for the week, John Lin, Roger Lin, and Jade Lum, and bonding with their Big and Lil Sibs.
So much awesome already…and it’s only Monday! Hooray for the first full day of TAF!

Hot off the Press!

Here’s another peek into TAF 2012 via Newsletter #2!

A special thanks to our fantastic newsletter coordinators Tech Kuo and Dorothy Teng for putting this together.

Hope you enjoy!