Want to listen to select TAF 2012 music on the bus or while walking around your house doing chores? Well look no further than the TAF blog! MPSs of your favourite musical acts can be found below! (Right click on the links to save them to your computer!)

Alison Yeh – I’m In Here
Jasmine Tedjo – A Piano Girl
Juniors Staff – Call Me Maybe
Justin Wang – TAF Crush
Melody Chen – One and Only
The Killer Bees – 4 Chord Song

TAF Night 2012!

New videos are being uploaded to our YouTube channel every day! Please visit here or the /tafmediachannel on YouTube!

Plenty more media updates coming as well. Sorry for taking so long, the internet can be a slow place.


Now with lyrics, re-watch the Juniors Program’s opening to TAF Night 2011. Cutest thing ever.


Visit http://www.youtube.com/tafmediachannel and scroll down the right-hand sidebar to view them all 🙂

And let us know if anyone has the “Such Great Heights” act with Angela, Andrew, Kevin, and Andrew, because our camera battery had to be changed in the midst of their song and we weren’t able to record it 🙁

Enjoy folks! TAF 2011 Photo Gallery is our next project — that should be coming soon…


Since all of Youth was backstage preparing for their choir song, many of them weren’t able to watch what was many in tafLabs’ favorite performance of the evening, Will Leu’s Slam Poetry. So while all other TAF Night performances are edited and ready to upload (awesome!), we’re going to dedicate all of Friday to Will’s lyrical prose so you can watch it unencumbered in case you missed it.

Yay it’s Friday, Friday, and tomorrow we will upload more TAF Night, TAF Night…all uploaded on the weekennnndddddd 🙂 Check back tomorrow and Sunday for swing choirs and songs and more!

TAF Night 2011: JAM CREW

We’ll be releasing the TAF Night acts in the next few days. More to come as quickly as our tafLabs computers can handle!


TAF 2011::THE ONES finished strong with an exciting evening of song, dance, and even some spoken word. It was a hot night on stage in Cordier as the Juniors, JH, and Youth Programs brought it in full force. We in tafLabs, with our own media “performances”, are gonna keep it up and bring you some more goodies to keep you company as you deal with the taf blues. We’ll start off with something any of you campers might be able to download onto your iPods for the ride or flight home, .mp3s of Alison Yeh’s cover of “Secrets” by One Republic and Melody Chen’s cover of Adele’s “Rolling in the Deep”.

ENJOY! More to come soon 🙂

Alison Yeh – Secrets
Melody Chen – Rolling in the Deep

TAF Night 2010 – Swing Choir Update

Woohoo TAF Night acts! We’ll be uploading all the acts in the next week or so, or as much as our TAF Blog upload speed allows. We wanted to get the program swing choirs out to you first though, so everyone can spend this weekend learning (or re-learning) all the amazing moves!

Juniors “The Rise and Fall of D & K”

JH “Better Than YOUth”

Youth “Pretty Girl Swag”

Youth “Got More Swag”

Keep checking back for more updates from TAF Night 2010!