TAF 2012 Daily Recap: Thursday

Like the beef stew we got served tonight by the delightful Manchester staff, we’re getting into the meaty parts of our week. Enjoy our fourth Daily Recap!

TAF 2012 Daily Recap: Wednesday

Day 3 of TAF2012! At TAF, we definitely know our way around a serious discussion, but of course we love to have fun too. Lots of workshops, avenues to express creativity (including a script reading facilitated by tafLabs’ very own Theresa!), and dancing to loud noises and colored lights. Hope you enjoy!

TAF 2012 Daily Recap: Tuesday

It’s day two of TAF 2012. Time for our campers to get into the meat of our weeklong program, with speakers and workshops on identity and other topics running throughout day. But of course there is always time for fun and games (and pie) :D.

And uploaded before midnight! A new tafLabs record.

TAF 2012 Daily Recap: Monday

Who needs London when the TAF Olympics have arrived in Manchester, Indiana with one-of-a-kind events like “Crispy Face” and “Crabcakes”?

In addition to today’s intense but friendly competition, TAFers enjoyed meeting their speakers for the week, John Lin, Roger Lin, and Jade Lum, and bonding with their Big and Lil Sibs.
So much awesome already…and it’s only Monday! Hooray for the first full day of TAF!

TAF 2011: Daily Recap – Tuesday

TAF is so much fun. Like, totally the greatest time EVAR. But something that makes TAF more than just a fun summer camp is the incredible opportunity for personal growth, oftentimes through speaker sessions. This year at TAF we are blessed with three fantastic program speakers. Elizabeth Wang (Juniors), Tim Huang (Junior High), and Chris Regas (Youth) will all be leading sessions on this year’s theme of Leadership, and what it truly means to be a positive and influential leader. Hooray for sending your children to a learning camp! (Psst parents, tell your friends!)

TAF 2011: Daily Recap – Sunday

TAF is and has been a lot of many thing to many people. For most of us, the community and camaraderie is what brings us back to be surrounded by friends that have become family. And that is why, at the start of every year, it just feels like we’re coming home. So here is our simple Daily Recap for Sunday, July 31st, the first day of TAF 2011.

We’re looking forward to another wonderful week, with over two hundred returning and brand new campers and staff in the Juniors, Junior High, Youth, and tafLabs programs. Enjoy, and stay tuned for more content throughout the week!

TAF2010: Daily Recap MONDAY

Newsletter coordinators Nicole Hsieh and Erica Lee give us an preview of things to come from North Manchester, Indiana!

And here we go!

Today TAFers studied the different classes and species of the animal kingdom, as well as observed animal attitudes and behaviors. Results may or may not be published in Nature sometime in the future.

They also learned that Force = mass x acceleration. See parents! We DO teach math here at TAF!

An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure

Nick and Victor meet for the first time at Sunday dinner after a year of separation.

Communication skills:

Daily Recap- Friday

Yes, we are somewhat late in posting this daily recap for Friday, but we think you might excuse the delay when we explain our Saturday slideshow saga in an upcoming post.

For now, enjoy the look back at TAF Carnival and the creative ingenuity of TAF staff, creating fun for everyone by making the most of simple materials and clever ideas.

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Edited by Anna Wu
Narrated by Andrew Lo
Video by Eddie Huang

Daily Recap: Thursday

A new look at an old TAF classic – big/little sibs picnic and water fight!

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Edited by Kevin Yau
Narrated by Bob Lin