2010 Census Write in “Taiwanese” PSA is live!

From the folks involved with tafLabs and tafMedia – the 2010 US Census Write in “Taiwanese” Public Service Announcement is now live!

Check it out here: http://taiwaneseamerican.org/census2010

Remember! Be counted, be recognized! Tell everyone you know (Taiwanese and non-Taiwanese alike) and especially your parents! Look for the census forms in the mail this month.

Daily Recap- Friday

Yes, we are somewhat late in posting this daily recap for Friday, but we think you might excuse the delay when we explain our Saturday slideshow saga in an upcoming post.

For now, enjoy the look back at TAF Carnival and the creative ingenuity of TAF staff, creating fun for everyone by making the most of simple materials and clever ideas.

Produced by tafMedia in conjunction with tafLabs
Edited by Anna Wu
Narrated by Andrew Lo
Video by Eddie Huang

Do you miss TAF?

Well, the week of TAF is over, but tafLabs is just getting started. So as our first post-TAF gesture, we present a gift to you to ameliorate those pangs of withdrawal: a brand new desktop wallpaper with tons of beautiful faces ready to sit on your computer’s background to be a constant reminder of all the love we share.

TAF 2009 Group Photo

Right click on the photo and select “Save Image As” in order to download the 1280×800 pixel version. Then right click on your desktop to select the photo as your new wallpaper. Or depending on your browser, you might also be able to skip a step by directly clicking “Set as Desktop Background.”

We want to extend a special welcome to all our new blog visitors. Please check back often or follow our RSS feed, because we have many more treats, surprises, and updates to come!

Daily Recap: Thursday

A new look at an old TAF classic – big/little sibs picnic and water fight!

Produced by tafMedia in conjunction with tafLabs
Edited by Kevin Yau
Narrated by Bob Lin

Daily Recap: Wednesday

We’re already halfway through the week!? Here is a quick glimpse at the Wednesday that just flew by.

Produced by tafMedia in conjunction with tafLabs
Edited by Anna Wu
Narrated by Alison Yang

Daily Recap: Tuesday

Travel with the TAF Juniors as they venture through time and space, collecting facts about Taiwan history and culture in an effort to save the future. It’s just another creative way that our program takes advantage of the imagination of our elementary age children in order to effectively engage them in the lessons.

Produced by tafMedia in conjunction with tafLabs
Edited by Anna Wu
Video by Jon Lee and Captain Ho Chie

Snapshots from Tuesday

aJesse Kao of the JH Program dresses up in his winning costume for Project TAFway

bClarice Lin and Group 4 of the Youth Program celebrate their Taiwan 101 Trivia victory, after answering such questions as, “What is the exact population of Taiwan?” (23 million) and “How many mopeds are there in Taiwan?” (10 million).

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