Exit Clov – Ai-Biahnh Jah-eh Eah

Emily and Susan Hsu of the band Exit Clov are former TAFers that recently recorded this video to support TaiwaneseAmerican.org‘s Artist & Performers Typhoon Fundraising and Relief Efforts to help victims of typhoon Morakot. And the video is going viral! After an initial goal of 500 hits, Emily and Susan have surpassed 27,000 hits for their rendition of a classic Taiwanese fight song — in just three days!

While Emily and Susan have reached the max amount for their own donation, please remember that you can still make donations at TaiwaneseAmerican.org just by purchasing a shirt! At the least, we hope you’re inspired by these two TAFers and the impact they’ve made just by sharing their gifts with the world :).

Daily Recap: Tuesday

Travel with the TAF Juniors as they venture through time and space, collecting facts about Taiwan history and culture in an effort to save the future. It’s just another creative way that our program takes advantage of the imagination of our elementary age children in order to effectively engage them in the lessons.

Produced by tafMedia in conjunction with tafLabs
Edited by Anna Wu
Video by Jon Lee and Captain Ho Chie