TAF 2009 Slideshow: Sprout!

To start your week off the best way ever, tafMedia, in association with tafLabs, is proud to present the TAF 2009 Slideshow! We’d like to say a lot of careful planning and editing went into the production this year, but while that is mostly true, we also brought literal meaning to “finishing at the last minute”.

We were going to piece together a timeline of events that happened simultaneously from both TAF Night in Cordier Auditorium and from the tafLabs/tafMedia offices in Helman 106. But in the end, a step-by-step recount of that fateful night isn’t as fun. It’s a little too technical, we’re personally tired of timelines (that’s how our editing software works), and since we’re tafMedia and strive to be artsy sometimes, we don’t mind yielding to the right side of our brain and letting these instances “that saved that TAF from having no slideshow” live on forever in TAF lore. A lesson: Start putting the slideshow together before Friday night at 10pm!!!

You can tell your grandchildren (or your current little sibs’ future little sib) that it took sleeping in shifts, cooling overheating laptops with bags of ice and frozen french fries, frenzied text messages, purposeful TAF Night MC stalls, the fastest quarter-mile Kev Yau has sprinted in years, and one last impromptu Bob Lin speech, to get the slideshow DVD burned and delivered to Manchester staff when it needed to be…with 30 seconds to spare! No, really. Only 30 seconds between the time we gave the DVD to Manchester and the time the DVD started playing at 9:29:52p.m. EST. WHEW. Considering the final product, we hope you’ll agree that it was all worth it for each and every frame, and finally of course, that awesome was realized.

Youth Slideshow coordinators: Eric Kao, Nicole Hsieh, Andrew Kuo
tafLabs & tafMedia team: Anna Wu, Steve Wang, Kev Yau, Jon Lee
Special thanks to Dan Lu & Andrew Lo and others for providing us with photos, John Chen, Chikuan Wu, and Pamela Lin for keeping us fed with steak and pie, and Jason Hsu for animating the end shot (originally done with glowsticks by the Slideshow coordinators!).

The five songs used are (in order):
1. Muse – Starlight
2. The Fray – All at Once
3. The Killers – Human
4. Aerosmith – Don’t Wanna Miss A Thing
5. Jars of Clay – Fade to Grey


TAF 2009 Slideshow: Sprout! from tafmediachannel on Vimeo.

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