How are your ears? Are they bored from a strange lack of small group chatter and chants? Or are they depressed due to TAF Blues? Maybe just tired from a sleepless week? Or worried with back to school season in full swing? Well don’t fret, because the TAF Blog has a cure for you!

Not one, not two, but THREE TAF Music pieces are available for you to listen to all day long to bring back all the TAF memories! Sing along to Viva Love Forever, memorize all the TAF Rules, and learn all the moves to the JH Swing Choir! All for the low low price of 4 easy installments of….FREE!!!

(to download, Right-click and “save file as” or “save link as” or “download link as” or…yea)

1. TAF Rules
2. Viva Love Forever 2010
3. JH: Better Than YOUth
4. Youth: Pretty Girl Swag
5. Youth: Got More Swag
6. Juniors: The Rise and Fall of D & K

(PS: In case you forgot, click here to download the live version of Viva Love Forever from TAF Night 2009!)

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