The tafDrama

tafLabs & tafMedia are proud to present the long-anticipated tafDrama! It was originally supposed to be aired during TAF Night, but…right…we were rather busy getting the Slideshow finished. Better late than never?

What inspired the TAF Drama you ask? Creativity? Fanciful imagination? Ennui from staring at computer screens too long? No one truly knows. However, it has proven to be a worthy challenge to develop skills one could only dream of in the art of guerrilla filmmaking, i.e. conceiving the story as you go along, filming randomly, etc. That also explains the secret powers Howard’s character had in changing costume so often.

In any case, we’re sure that you’ll find some sort of underlying moral hidden deep within the story. Also, the Korean title makes no sense in Korean and hopefully won’t really say something in Korean. It’s supposed to say “Realizing Awesome”. Props to anyone who can translate the Japanese letters!

So without further ado… ENJOY!

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