REUNION: Welcome to Michigan!

by Tiffany Su

After three weeks of not seeing each other, the Michigan TAFers decided to do something about our TAF Blues. You can ooVoo all you want, but nothing beats being in the same room together. And so last Sunday, August 23rd, we came together and reunited. There were jumps, hugs, and laughter, and all we all looked towards a very exciting evening. As food was gathered in one area, everyone dispersed, migrating out into the backyard, staying in the basement, or heading upstairs to run around.

An entire bucket of sidewalk chalk was available to use! We managed to fill up most of the space on the driveway with our incredible artistic talents. Some of the illustrations display various small group pride:


Once inside, a group of Youthers circled up and sang previous Choir songs, and later danced the Swing Choirs they could remember, and of course, some DDR.



Overall, with pizza and an abundance of deserts and soda, our stomachs were filled and our spirits “sprouted!” It was wonderful to see joyful faces of TAFers spending time together again, knowing that the TAFLove is still alive in our hearts. 🙂



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