Who’s at TAF?


Here are some fun unscientific facts about the attendees of TAF 2009:

TAFers by Region

  • As usual, Illinois and Michigan are strong in representation. Which one brings more TAFers? This year, Illinois takes the win with 74 TAFers. A measly 65 from Michigan.
  • Missouri has a strong showing at 29.
  • There are more TAFers from California (13) than Ohio (10), but New York beats them both at 16!
  • Sadly, Juniors Speaker Nick Huang is our lone TAFer from Indiana.
  • No Canadians this year.
  • TAFers by name

  • Winning the title of most powerful family, we have 23 Chens, followed closely by 20 Lins.
  • There are more De la Paz’s (4) than Youngs (1) and Yaos (1) combined.
  • There are 9 John/Jons, in various spellings.
  • There are just as many Tiffany’s as Kevins: 6 each.
  • TAFers old and new

  • We welcome 47 brand new campers this year!
  • And the grand total at TAF 2009 is 245 TAFers. Feel the love!