TAF Real World – Week #7 of 51

Oh hey! Shawn shares his infinite playlist and composed a couple creative writing pieces, loudly sending YOU some love from STL during WEEK 7 (or 45 WEEKS ’til TAF!):

So this one day I was walking around North Manchester, Indiana, and all of a sudden, I see Katy Perry! And I’m all like, “OMGGGGGGGGGGG, I’M SO IN LOVE!!!!” But I didn’t want to scare her off because she was all like hot, and then I was all cold. Unsure of myself, I took a chance and didn’t ever look back. As I walked up to get her autograph, it was like I was living in a teenage dream. As she signed her autograph, she was all like “I kissed a TAFer and I liked it”. And I said, “Ehhh, hanky panky isn’t allowed at TAF”. So then she got angry, and kept repeating, “California girls, we’re unforgettable”. So I was like “Pshhh, forget you, STL all the way”. So as I walked further and further away I swear I heard “California girls” change to tik tok. Strange.

A short while later, I walk up to this club and ask the bouncer, “Hey you wanna have a slumber party in my basement?” and he’s like, “Sure!!!!!!” and then he lets me in to the club with all my favorite brands and then I’m all like blowing my speakers up that night, and brushing my teeth with a bottle of TAF, cuz when I leave for the Tea House informal dance, I don’t normally get back till past curfew. At the dance, there was this new TAFer, so I introduced myself and all I could hear her say was, “Blah blah blah”. I told her we were better together and that I was hers.

We became TC’s, and I was feeling like the world’s greatest who was forever young, but I was caught in a bad romance =. She was all like, “Wooahhh oh woahhh oh woahhhhhh oh woahhh oh ohhhhhhhhhh”. And I was like, “Dudette… just dance (forever), it’ll be ok”. But then she cried out “Alejandro, Alejandro… don’t call my name”. And I was like TAKEN ABACK because my name isn’t Alejandro. At this point, I felt like I just got to Hollywood from Nashville… but then a Britney Spears and/or Jay-Z song was playing and then these random butterflies flew out the club. Towards the end of the dance, we all had our hands up in the air.

My TC of an hour or so and I were on a battlefield of love. Baby cupid had definitely sent some arrows from above when I suggested we begin an uphill battle. We started hiking up the stairs towards the upper union, when I reminded her, “It isn’t always about what’s on the other side, it’s the climb”. As we continued the long trek up the stairs, she asked me if I remembered all of the times we had, but I had no idea what she was talking about, so she dumped me =[. And she was like, “Bye, Fernando, I love the way you lie”. So at that time I felt shot right through with a bolt of blue, like a smurf crying, “You belong with me”. I lost my TC of an hour, so I was like living in misery :'(, and there was absolutely no one who could comfort me….except the un1smurfs, TAF, TAFers, and TAFL♥ve.

-The End-

You know you’re Taiwanese when…
– You’ve worn all and only TAF or TaiwaneseAmerican.org shirts to school
– Almost everyone in your class knows you’re Taiwanese and NOT Chinese
– More people know your middle name (Formosa) than your real name (undisclosed)
– You only know TAIWANESE
– All of your college apps, and even school papers are about TAF
– The first thing your parents ask you is if you’ve eaten enough
– You bust out in Taiwanese during a French (or any other language) speaking exercise
– Your car is a tan Toyota Camry (sorry Nissan Altima and Honda Accord)
– You play the violin and/or the piano
– You and/or your parents have trouble keeping an inside voice while on the phone
– “Chinese Taipei” or “Republic of China” makes you crazy
– You enjoy eating tapioca balls
– You know who Leehom and Machi didi are
– Your pictures have at least one person showing a peace sign
– You exclaim “Aiya”
– Your AP BIO class nominates you for homecoming court
– All your friends know YOU GO TO TAF


We want to hear/see/read/experience your thoughts on LOVING OUT LOUD! Whether it’s how you showed love to someone, or how someone loved on you, or maybe even both!

We need a few more volunteers to post, so please LOL and sign up here!

Encourage your friends to sign up. Feel free to buddy up and post together.

Instructions are listed on the spreadsheet. We’ll even send you an email a week in advance to remind you. 🙂

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