TAF Real World – Week #6 of 51

Amy shares an LOL story for WEEK 6 (or 46 WEEKS ’til TAF):

This is my dad, CC Liao, and his best friend, CC Huang. They met in college in Taichung over 40 years ago.

They studied chemistry and graduated together.

They don’t know how to smile in photos together.

They immigrated to North America together. Their kids are almost the same ages, with almost exactly the same birthdays.

They toured Brazil together and were in the same bus accident. Once Uncle CC recovered from broken ribs, he helped my family take care of my dad recover from his more intense injuries.

They had a 60th birthday party together.

Yesterday, Uncle CC woke up at 5 a.m. to drive me to the airport. He and his wife are always there to support!

There are sooo many people, like Uncle CC, who LOVE my family OUT LOUD daily. I wish I could blog about AV8D. Instead, I will just say duhh-shiaaahh (thanks!) here to the extended family, and the rest of the daiwan community who take care of my parents, so that I can be released to LOL the world.

We want to hear/see/read/experience your thoughts on LOVING OUT LOUD! Whether it’s how you showed love to someone, or how someone loved on you, or maybe even both!

We need a few more volunteers to post, so please LOL and sign up here!

Encourage your friends to sign up. Feel free to buddy up and post together.

Instructions are listed on the spreadsheet.

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