TAF Real World – Week #36 of 51

TAF Chicago would like to extend a great big “OH HEY” to all fellow TAFers. Although spring is slowly but surely creeping up on us out here in the midwest, it’s still as cold as some soft serve ice cream from the Manchester Cafeteria, and not nearly as delicious! We here at TAF Chicago are a crafty bunch. So to keep our toes and spirits warm, we dance! In an effort to keep the TAF spirit strong year round, our monthly gatherings are filled with many of the same games, activities, and rotating themes of leadership, communication, ethics & values, and identity taught at TAF. Included among these activities is of course, Swing Choir. More than half a year after TAF 2011 has come and gone, campers can still bust out their favorite Swing Choir choreography.

P.S. the part of the video between 2:16-3:58, where it goes to a black screen with no sound… is for you to imagine your own beats so you can dance too! LOL

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