TAF Real World – Week #15 of 51

If you’ve ever been to NYC, you’ll notice that the people there walk fast! Here’s Godwin repping the Easy Coast with a whirlwind tour of TAFGlobal for WEEK 15 (or 36 more weeks ’til TAF!)

Microphone testing 1, 2, 3! In the place to be. My name is Godwin Chen and I will be writing for you today, but first and foremost I will tell you how to make ONE MILLION MEMORIES. So simple, you will be like “Wow, I don’t believe!” Well, actually, I can’t believe it’s already been 5 fast years since my first year at TAF. As I look back I’m amazed by all the wonderful people that I’ve met as a result of a single decision to travel to Manchester, Indiana. I remember coming back home after the first year and getting hit with the tafBlues HAAARD, but I don’t really experience that anymore because now I’m living TAF year-round here in New York. Shout out to the tafNYC crew! The network of TAFers throughout the US is amazing. Every time someone from out of town comes to visit, all these old friends come out of the woodwork for sightseeing and meals. Here we were last month at Hill Country when Anna was in town!

Whenever I travel to other cities I always have friends to crash with. Last time I visited Howard and Jason in DC, guess who we met? Comedian Charlene Yi! In case you don’t already know, Howard moved “down unda” to the land of kangaroos and Crocodile Dundee, so now we’re
international! If you haven’t read his blog yet you should definitely check it out. His decision to pack up his life and reach for his dreams is really inspiring. Check it out here.

Another thing I love is being to keep in touch with campers, even if we’re far away. Two years ago, my small group didn’t have enough campers for our family group pairings. Boryan looked super cool with his flowy hair so I asked if I could be his big sib, here we are playing tank and

His directions were immaculate! But the best part is that we keep in touch to this day, it really warms my heart. Guess how we keep in touch! OH YEAH…

Well TAFers, I really don’t know what else to say. I know it’s not that easy to see your friends from far away, especially when you’re living under the same roof as your parents, but years later in college and beyond you’ll realize that while you were having fun at TAF, you were also
building a foundation for years to come. One day you might find yourself climbing a peak in Costa Rica or having a deep conversation with a friend in Penn Station, all thanks to this great organization called the Taiwanese American Foundation.

Spot the TAFers hiking in Nevada! Mwa, love you all.

Oh hey! Thanks to all who have contributed to this weekly LOL blog so far. We’ve gotten lots of positive feedback, and you are making TAF history! There are a few empty slots left. If you’re hesitating to post, we would love to hear about how loving out loud is making a difference in your life. Don’t be shy! Please sign up HERE and encourage your friends to participate.

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