TAF Real World – Week #14 of 51

So while I’m not entirely sure that I’m actually posting in week #14, here goes my entry anyway.

When Amy Liao proposed this idea back during the week of TAF, I immediately loved it. It’s a great way to keep fresh content on the blog, people coming back regularly, and keeps up the TAF message year-round. I specifically picked this week because it coincides with the biggest event in my life so far: my wedding.

TAF is easily one of the most identifiable and influential periods of my life that has definitively helped to shape who I am. While the lessons and messages learned start to lump together after several years (I only really remember 2 distinct years of speakers. My first one in 98 where I first learned about languages of love, and Sunjay Nath in 2001 talking about Roots and Wings), the friends that I’ve made at TAF and hanging out with TAFers have been a permanent fixture.

All of that came together during my wedding to make an already incredibly special day for me and my now wife, more so, because we were able to share it with our closest family and friends. The support and love we felt from everyone, especially the TAFers, was energizing and overwhelming. Throughout the night of celebration, there were plenty of reminders of old memories, going back to the start of our friendships, to enjoying moment at hand.

But as much as it gave us joy to have our friends celebrating us and our wedding, Jenny and I got just as much, if not more, joy in bringing everyone together to have a great time. The sights of seeing people toasting, dancing, Cat rapping, playing dancing games, and taking crazy photobooth pictures totally affirmed the feelings and relationships that we have with our friends and family.

Thankfully, life will start to get back to normal in preparation for the honeymoon, and we can stop and take a breath. But we’re still basking in the tafLove of the day, 7 days later. Thank you, everyone! Thank you, TAF!

-Kevin Yau

Thanks, Joanna, for taking a cellphone picture and sending from the event! More pictures to come soon, if not already on facebook! 🙂

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