TAF Real World – Week #12 of 51

TAFers are so smart! Here’s Ryan. He gets an A+ in English for writing this sonnet. Note the 10-syllable lines and abab cdcd efef gg rhyme scheme! He also gets an A+ in math because he corrected our weekly countdown (we have been counting TAF week, which is incorrect). Well, here’s to WEEK 12!

With pending college apps, it’s hard to find time to do anything else. But out of remembrance of my first year of TAF and the hard TAF blues that followed, I wrote this sonnet to recognize a time in my life when someone showed me “Love Out Loud”.

As I walked down the empty, open walk;
the rain was drops of tears I could not cry.
I felt forgotten, but I feared to talk.
I swallowed sorrow, looking to the sky.

From which an angel came to show the way;
he whispered words that fed my appetite,
“Do not let your week end like this, today”.
I realized, then, I lost the point in sight.

TAF is a time that is defined by love;
the cameras only hope to capture this;
and if you look up to the stars above,
the rain drops change to never ending bliss.

So all you campers wishing on a star,
Remember, next year isn’t very far.

-Ryan Yang

P.S. 39 weeks to go guys =]

We want to hear/see/read/experience your thoughts on LOVING OUT LOUD! Whether it’s how you showed love to someone, or how someone loved on you, or maybe even both!

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