Oh hey, if you’re in the Chicago area around this time, hit up the TAF New Year party!

Aside, just wanted to share a holiday story:
As her Christmas gift to me, one of my roommates, Anna, (who is Jewish, and not Taiwanese, btw) made a donation to TAF on my behalf. And then, she created this cute little announcement on cardstock paper and presented it to me:

Some cool things about this gift are:

-I wasn’t expecting a gift in mid-December. It kinda came out of nowhere and was a pleasant surprise!
-I have never solicited a donation to TAF (from my roommates)! She simply wanted to give towards a cause that I appreciate and value. She asked my other roommate, Debbie, for suggestions on making a donation to a Taiwanese organization. Debbie suggested making a donation to TAF, since she knew that TAFers are a huge part of my life – many TAFers have stayed on our couch in Philly, she often sees me traveling here and there to see TAFers, and she’s met a few on her own travels to the Bay Area, as well as online for Australia travel tips. Thanks, Howard! And good call, Debbie!
-Anna is a unique and compassionate individual. Her gift represents who she is! This investment will go towards TAF’s mission of growing servant leaders working to impact mankind in unique and compassionate ways.
-The gift does not take up a lot of space in my room/teeny tiny closet.

Hope everyone is enjoying the season. Happy 2012!


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