TAF Times

We are bringing back the TAF Times! Your TAF 2020 Yearbook coordinators are excited to re-introduce TAF’s favorite camp newsletter.

Read our digital TAF Times newsletter at sites.google.com/view/taftimes.

Want to see your work featured? We welcome you to submit your contributions to our newsletter: TAF-related questions for us to answer, life hacks, advice, tips, recipes, comics/cartoons/art, journal entries/stories, poems, jokes, riddles, confessions, or anything else that comes to mind! Please submit at bit.ly/taftimes.

Our newsletter will be published every weekday starting July 27 through August 7 at 5PM Central Time. Submissions will be published in TAF Times two days after the date received. For example, submissions received by the end of July 25 will be published on July 27. Last day of submissions is August 5.