Why TAF?

There are few conferences that address the unique needs of the Taiwanese community. And for the last 30 years, TAF has been drawing campers from coast to coast and from around the world.

8 Reasons Why TAF is the Largest Taiwanese Conference

1. Over 35 Years Experience. We’re parents too and want our campers to have a fun learning experience in a safe environment. We’ve spent over 3 decades evaluating safety measures, improving staff training, and refining program content.

2. Technology for Your Peace of Mind. Pictures and videos are posted on a daily basis on our blog and social media channels such as Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram so parents can see what campers have done for the day.

3. Value. Many camps, including day camps, can’t match the value that TAF offers. For one low flat fee, the TAF Summer Conference includes a full week of fun counselor-led activities, meals, snacks, a furnished room, a t-shirt and a yearbook.

4. Experienced Staff. Most of our staff were campers at one point and have grown up with TAF. In 2013, the 17 Juniors staff collectively have been with TAF for 141 years. Not only does our staff know how to give your child a memorable week, they are trained to handle emergencies as well.

5. Low camper to staff ratio. It’s easy to get lost so attendees are divided into groups as small as 6 campers with two Advisors per group. TAF’s low ratio exceeds the camper to staff ratio recommended by the American Camp Association.

6. Fun Learning! Whether it’s talking about Taiwanese values, making Taiwanese foods like green onion pancakes or singing Taiwanese songs, learning about our Taiwanese heritage is fun and interactive.

7. Parents Weekend Program. TAF is not just for kids and teens. The Parents Weekend Program has workshops and seminars and social activities to connect you with other TAF adults.

8. TAF Family. Attendees develop such a tight bond by the end of the week they often leave camp feeling like TAF is a like a second family. It’s not unusual to see friendships that started at TAF as children lasting well into adulthood.