TAF Counselor and Advisor

Staff Position: Counselor (Juniors, Junior High) or Advisor (Youth)


As a Counselor or Advisor, you will play a critical role in ensuring that our campers have a fun, rewarding, and engaging experience at TAF. Together with your co-counselor/advisor, you will lead a small group for the week – facilitating discussions and fostering deeper relationships among your campers.

Along with the rest of TAF Staff, you’ll be part of a passionate and energetic team dedicated to serving the next generation of leaders.

Please note: this is a 100% volunteer position. You will be responsible for your conference fees and any travel costs. If needed, financial aid may be available. All counselors will need to be available from July 29, 2017 to August 6, 2017. Please do not let scheduling conflicts prevent you from submitting an application.

Key Accountabilities:
• Supervising campers
• Demonstrating servant leadership
• Leading small group discussions
• Encouraging others to challenge their limits and grow as individuals
• Planning age-appropriate workshops
• Helping program directors execute the week’s programming
• Attending all scheduled staff meetings
• Dancing like nobody is watching