TAF 2020: Rules, safety precautions and discipline policy

As a participant of this conference, all staff and campers are expected to adhere to the guidelines of TAF and to accept personal responsibility for the consequences of their conduct. Campers are responsible for their behavior by maintaining honesty, truthfulness, fairness, self-control, and concern for others. Inappropriate behavior or violation of TAF’s rules will be reported to the Conference Director and TAF President. TAF maintains the right to suspend or expel any participant on the basis of their behavior.


  • Participants must be respectful to all TAF staff and fellow campers, and follow the instructions of conference and program directors, counselors and advisors.
  • Participants must be on time and attend all program activities according to the schedule. If you are running late or have to miss something, please notify your counselor or advisor as soon as possible. 
  • Participants must attend any Zoom sessions with the email address they registered to TAF 2020 with. This will help us verify your identity and keep campers safe from unregistered strangers.
  • Participants must have their camera on during a Zoom session so the speaker and your peers can see that you are there. 
  • Participants must be present and engaged—do not be on other tabs or using other devices during TAF programming. 
  • Participants are asked to stay muted unless you are speaking. If you have a question, you can use the “raise hand” function or type it in the chat. 
  • Inappropriate language, hate speech, bullying, or degrading comments are not permitted verbally or in the chat. 
  • TAF aims to be a safe space for everyone. Do not repeat and share personal information. 
  • Additional guidelines presented during orientation or at any other time as conditions change are for your safety and must be followed.


  • Do not share Zoom meeting links and passwords publicly or with non-registered TAFers. 
  • Do not take pictures or take screen grabs from your laptop/tablet/desktop without express permission from your counselors, advisors or program directors. 
  • Recording of programming is prohibited as well. If a workshop is to be recorded, Program Directors will make the announcement at the beginning of the session. 


The staff at the TAF Summer Conference will strive not only to provide fun and learning experiences, but also to stress respect for the environment and others. If a camper is found to be repeatedly interfering with the enjoyment of other campers or staff members, the TAF Director will intervene reminding the camper of his/her responsibility to behave in an appropriate manner. The TAF Director may choose to enforce an appropriate disciplinary action (i.e. a discussion, a suspension from certain activities, a written or verbal apology,  etc.) which is consistent with the philosophy of the camp and which supports the camper’s dignity.

For parents/guardians – please review the rules with your child and make sure they are understood. We believe that you as a parent/guardian will appreciate knowing of any problem that your child may experience. TAF reserves the right to suspend or expel any camper from the program who poses serious continual discipline problems. If such behavior warrants it, an immediate suspension or expulsion may result. If we need to remove the camper from the program immediately, the parent will be notified. No refunds will be given.