Sprouts & Juniors ONLINE

Welcome to TAF 2020, from your Sprouts & Juniors PDs!

TAF Juniors and Sprouts Zoom Call EtiquetteSprouts: Grades 1-3; Juniors: Grades 4-5

Hello Juniors and Sprouts – Parents and Campers!

Welcome to a journey of magical adventures, as we embark on TAF Online. We (Shannon, Erica, and Bradley) cannot wait to see old friends and new as we come together to explore the themes of Community. Sprouts and Juniors are two separate programs, each catering to the different learning needs of different age groups. A strong team counselors await your arrival for these adventures!

With TAFLove,

Shannon, Erica, and Bradley

Please reach out with any questions or comments by emailing us at sprouts@tafworld.org or juniors@tafworld.org.

Before joining our program events, all campers should review our Zoom Call Etiquette guide with their parents so that everyone can enjoy our time together.

Program Schedule

View our Sprouts & Juniors schedule online or download a PDF version of the schedule for Sprouts (PDF) or for Juniors (PDF).

Our programming will kick off with everyone else on July 24th. Sprouts and Juniors will have their own program kickoffs, with a casual activity for campers to meet their small groups and counselors! Our weekends will consist of morning speaker sessions with both Sprouts and Juniors campers: this year, we are proud to introduce What’s Tootin! – a four-episode children’s show hosted by Speaker William Leu and MAMATOOTIN Productions.

Each program will also have a variety of afternoon workshops. The workshop topics will include learning about the world around them, how to process their emotions, fun story-time sessions, and more! All workshops are being created by our dedicated counselors.

We also plan to hold a short evening workshop on Friday, July 31, for our campers and counselors to write Thank-You letters to essential workers. You can find more information on our speaker sessions below!

Digital “Packing” List

Campers who registered by July 15 will receive a Starter Kit before TAF starts. The kit includes the supplies needed for some workshops. Campers that did not receive a Starter Kit will still be able to participate in most workshops. Basic stationary supplies will be sufficient.

View and download our full digital packing list for Sprouts (PDF) or for Juniors (PDF).

Sprouts packing list Juniors packing list

Sprouts & Juniors Speaker Sessions

Presenting… The Sprouts & Juniors children’s show: What’s Tootin!, hosted by Program Speaker William Leu and MAMATOOTIN Productions!

Will LeuSpeaker William Leu

Will is serving this year as the TAF Juniors & Sprouts Speaker. He has been attending TAF since 2011 and has been a Juniors Counselor from 2011-2014 and a Juniors Program Director from 2015-2018.

Will is currently a commercial property manager for his family’s firm with a focus on industrial net lease management.

Will graduated in 2012 from Purdue University in West Lafayette, IN with a degree in Sociology and an academic minor in Asian-American Studies. He is a self-described magpie of ad-hoc interests, accidentally dabbling in topics necessitated by a need brought on by friends or family, currently: birding, home remodeling, public speaking, and bothering his mother and Shannon Sung’s mother to teach him Taiwanese.

MAMATOOTIN!, production group for What’s Tootin!

MAMATOOTIN! is a grassroots collection of TAF Staff and Juniors Counselors who have pooled their technical experience and passion for the Juniors & Sprouts programs to produce What’s Tootin! – a children’s show for its campers in response to this year’s virtual theme of community. Its amazing members include:

July 25 – Episode One: “Defining Community”

Campers will learn the difference between Physical Community and Community with a Purpose. In addition, campers will learn the Values shared among members of a Community.

July 26 – Episode Two: “Discovering Identity

Campers will be introduced to the first component of “making community” through understanding the concept that Community is made up of individuals with identities. Campers will learn how to understand their identities by assessing their Outside and Inside Qualities.

August 1 – Episode Three: “Actions We Do Together

Campers will learn the actions a Community takes for its members. These three actions are: Build-Share-Love. Build(ing) trust and empathy. Share(ing) physical things and things that are not physical. Love(ing) by accepting and valuing others

August 2 – Episode Four: “Responsibilities of Leadership

Campers will be introduced to the definition of a Leader. Campers will then touch on characteristics Leaders may have in order to lead. Campers will learn the three responsibilities of a Leader: To be able to lead others. To be dedicated to a purpose. To be willing to change their Community to make it a better place.