TAF Youth Coordinator


Coordinators are Youth campers who further develop their leadership skills by managing a specific project while at TAF.

Opportunities include:

  • Hospitality – responsible for creating a welcoming atmosphere for campers throughout the week of TAF, specifically setting up decorations, planning group games, and organizing the water fight
  • Swing Choir – responsible for choreographing and teaching campers a group dance that will be performed during TAF Night
  • Choir – responsible for teaching Youth campers a song that will be performed during TAF Night
  • TAF Night – responsible for emceeing TAF Night and coordinating TAF Night rehearsal and performances
  • Yearbook – responsible for collecting photos and coordinating with tafLabs and TAF programs to put together camp-wide yearbook
  • Media – responsible for capturing and editing photos and/or video footage, will work daily with tafLabs, requires pre-TAF tutorials and coordintion. Personal equipment not required but helpful